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community colleges of spokane has a coloring book


if the classic 1997 film "air bud" taught us anything, it's that clowns are not to be trusted. and, i suppose, that there ain't no rule that says a dog can't play basketball.

and like basketball's alleged love for dogs, there also ain't no rule that says a sasquatch can't be in a coloring book. which is why i'm happy to report that i am in a coloring book.

no, really.

A page from the ccs 2020 coloring book featuring Professor Skitchit started as a dream: i, a hairy, beloved mythical creature, just out of adolescence when so-called "bigfoot hunters" started tracking my whereabouts. of course, they were never actually close, but i quickly became jealous and perhaps a little weary of their grainy, 16 millimeter camera showing a man clearly walking upright in a bigfoot costume.

i thought: "why not me? actually me?" it turns out, there aren't many places in the united states that'll sell a 9-foot human-ape hyrbrid a video camera, but it was easy enough to hobble together a few colored pencils and pieces of paper -- objectively the next best thing.

the result of my efforts? my very own coloring book.

that's right -- me. all me. definitely not solely the efforts of annie silvers, an incredible graphic designer who works in the community colleges of spokane's marketing and public relations office. nope. all me.

what's more, i decided on my own -- exclusive of any outside input -- to have second harvest in spokane include the coloring books in food deliveries and other outreach opportunities in november

and while i'm heaping praise, i suppose i could mention the david and dorothy pierce charitable trust for funding the operation. after all, paper and pencils don't just grow on trees.

what's that? they do? so then why are they so expensive?!

a special thanks also to the community colleges of spokane foundation for their wonderful work in providing students free money. last year, they awarded over $335,000 in scholarships and $109,000 in emergency aid.

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11/16/2020 3:59:05 pm

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skitch, the sasquatch


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