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Student testing river water. Student testing river water.

the natural world

learn about the study and care of the earth as you work toward a variety of career fields in agriculture, horticulture, natural resource management, geology, geography and landscaping.

programs and courses

agriculture area of study

  • agriculture business - aas

  • agriculture technology - aas

  • agriculture business - certificate

  • agriculture technology - certificate

  • spray technician - certificate

arboriculture/urban forestry area of study

  • arboriculture/urban forestry - aas

  • arboriculture/urban forestry - certificate

astronomy area of study

  • associate in arts-direct transfer agreement

environmental/resource sciences area of study

  • chemistry pre-major - aa/dta

  • chemistry pre-major - as/t1

geography area of study

  • geography pre-major - aa/dta

geology area of study

  • geology pre-major - aa/dta

  • geology pre-major - as/t1

greenhouse/nursery management area of study

  • greenhouse/nursery - aas

  • greenhouse/nursery - certificate

  • small farm production - aas

  • small farm production - certificate

landscape management area of study

  • landscape management - aas

  • landscape management - certificate

natural resource management area of study

  • natural resource management - aas

  • natural resource technologies in geographic information systems - certificate

  • parks and recreation option - aas

  • wildlife/fisheries option - aas

greenhouse/nursery management area of study

  • small farm production - aas

  • small farm production - certificate

water science area of study

  • water science - aas

  • water and wastewater operations - certificate

possible careers

landscape designer
landscape architect
plant breeder
natural resources specialist
spray technician
water resources management specialist
irrigation specialist